Honestly real and serious drawing


Contemporary art is caught in a downward spiral. And do you know why? Computers! Since digital tools made drawing as easy as clicking on a computer mouse, every nitwit thinks he can draw and everything became a joke.

Still, there is an alternative. That’s why I am starting a little series of blog posts, giving you the power to set you and your art apart from the rest. But be warned: On that way we’ll have to follow some strict rules. Stray but a little and you might fail miserably. Ready? Okay, here is the rule for today:

Rule Nr.1: Always Be Serious

A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind. And that’s also true for the draughtsman. Now, how to be serious while drawing? Well, creative work is a long chain of decisions. Make them honestly and with a sense of truth in your heart.

One of your first decisions on your way is: which tool do you use? If you set your mind on doing serious work, you need a serious tool. And serious tools are made in Germany (where else?). Have a look at these:

Tools for real honest drawing

These are “Wilhelm Brandenburg: Peitschen mit Knoblauch” and “Mini-Schinkenknacker” – perfect German drawing tools!

But you also need to know how to wield them. Have a look:

Sausage wielding

See? that’s a proper way to draw, giving you perfect control in every direction.

Now let’s start with the drawing. I am using the “Peitschen with Knoblauch” for the first sketch, deepening the outlines with the broader strokes from the “Mini-Schinkenknacker” in the second pass:

Seriously drawing with sausages

Once your work reached a state nearing perfection you have to make a photograph of the drawing with the tools lying next to it. This way you are properly documenting your god-like skills and nobody can doubt the fact, that you have drawn this picture with these tools:

Final Sausage Image