Cameron Got It All Wrong


blue buck

Nightly Sketch Nr. 60

Having seen James Camerons “Avatar”, the documentary film about Hesse, I am quite disappointed with the grave mistakes of the movie:

  1. It’s not “na’vi” – the correct phrase would be “Un’ wie?” (or  “Ei, Gude, wie?”) and this is not the name of the people, but a greeting. Its meaning is “Hello, how are you?”.
  2. Hesse people aren’t blue. This is a mixup. Instead there is a kind of Äppler  sold under the trademark “Blauer Bock” (this name would translate into “blue buck” ). Btw.  Äppler is a wine made of apples – imagine cider, only tasty.
  3. If someone is “blue” in Hesse (and the rest of Germany) it means he or she is drunk. This condition may also occur after a bit too much of Äppler.

[yes, this is satirical]